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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for Rotator Cuff Injury


Rotator Cuff Injury is a very common occurrence, especially with physically active patients. When the tendons and muscles of your shoulder are injured or torn it usually results in a great deal of pain. Rotator Cuff Injury occurs when the ball of the upper arm bone slips out of the shoulder socket and the shoulder becomes swollen and painful. The physical therapists at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa treat this type of injury with the LightForce Deep Tissue Laser Therapy device. This is one of the quickest, least invasive and most effective pain relief solutions available. It is a drug-free, surgery-free and pain-free modality. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is always available in our Passaic County NJ facility for treatment of Rotator Cuff Injury.


What Are Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injury?


Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injury often include weakness and pain in the shoulder, trouble lifting your arm above your head, creaking sounds when moving the shoulder. If you experience any of these symptoms you should seek treatment to ease the pain and discomfort of the shoulder injury.


How Is Rotator Cuff Injury Treated?


The Physical Therapy team at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totawa focus on Deep Tissue Laser therapy for the treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries. This treatment strengthens the scapular and arm muscles surrounding the Rotator Cuff and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy speeds recovery by getting blood flowing. Our therapists also introduce exercises that can help prevent future Rotator Cuff injuries.


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in Passaic County


At Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa, Physical Therapy and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy treatment are always available to relieve pain. Our staff will analyze the injury and help move you toward the best treatment. We want you to be able to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. For Rotator Cuff Injury or any other painful issue, call Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa at (862) 239-1768 for a consultation with our experienced Physical Therapy staff.