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Lumbar spinal stenosis can cause a narrowing of the spinal canal and pain and burning down the legs and flexion distraction therapy can be the answer to this discomfort. Physical therapy can provide non-surgical relief to this painful problem. The use of flexion distraction to open up the spinal canal and relieve pressure off of the spinal cord can ease the pain and eliminate the burning. Addressing lumbar spinal stenosis through physical therapy in Passaic County can improve your quality of life and get you back to living the active lifestyle you enjoy. Elite Spine and Sports care of Totowa has experienced chiropractic doctors on staff to address your spine issues and help you get back to a pain-free existence.

Lumbar spinal stenosis typically develops slowly over time and often represents with pain that comes and goes. The pain associated within spinal stenosis goes away with rest but unfortunately returns when you return to activity. Opening up the spinal chord or canal causes the relief you want but the moment you return to an upright posture the pain can return. Flexion distraction therapy can alleviate the pain.

Flexion distraction is a chiropractic technique with an eye on increasing the motion of the spine and helping with bulging discs as well as herniation. This form of physical therapy is gentle and helps with the pain as it takes the pressure off of the spinal nerves. This technique is a way to address the discomfort caused by lumbar spinal stenosis without undergoing surgery. While surgery could end up being necessary the use of flexion destruction therapy is a great alternative to try first.

Flexion distraction therapy uses a special table that moves in an automated and gentle motion, allowing the spine to flex in numerous ways. At the same time your chiropractor will implement some manual techniques to address specific disc herniation or bulging issues. This form of physical therapy is designed to put the bulge back in the spine while at the same time exercising the healthy vertebrae, keeping them well articulated.

The goal of flexion distraction therapy is to allow the spine to move correctly in a manner that will remove pressure from the disc bulge. It does this by creating a negative pressure that pulls the disc bulge back into the spine. The flexion distraction motion maintains healthy discs in addition to working on those that are compromised. The motion allows nutrients into the spinal disc and keeps them well articulated.

Make an appointment with your NJ physical therapist to learn more about physical therapy for lumbar spinal stenosis. Our chiropractors are well versed in flexion distraction therapy and look forward to describing the process and answering your questions. Let Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa serve as your guide to physical therapy in Passaic County New Jersey.

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