Totowa NJ Pre and Post Operative Conditioning



Care Before and After Surgery


Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa offers both pre-operative and post-operative conditioning in Totowa NJ. This conditioning and rehabilitation is provided to all patients in Passaic County and nearby surrounding areas. Pre and post-operative therapy at Elite is beneficial for a successful surgery and the healing process following surgery. The type of conditioning that is recommended depends upon the patient and the surgery. It may include a stress test, or specialized physical therapy exercise to help minimize the side effects of surgery and shorten the recovery time. This can help get a patient on their feet more quickly.


Care Before Surgery


A trained physical therapist will assess your condition before surgery and create a plan to ensure your operation goes smoothly. Pre-operative conditioning is very beneficial in prepping for surgery.  Strengthening and stabilizing surrounding musculature can help speed recovery and healing. Improving muscle strength before an operation and within the first few weeks after surgery can be an important test of the effectiveness of the surgery.


Care After Surgery


Post-operative care is also essential to the healing process. Surgeries vary and the Physical Therapists at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa can develop a customized plan to help a patient fully recover as soon as possible. Following surgery such as a knee replacement, hip surgery or other physically disabling procedure requires an active plan for rehabilitation. You need to get moving to regain strength and balance. We can also help treat sports injuries, orthopedic and neurologic disorders and general pain.



Elite Offers Qualified Pre  And Post Operative Care



At Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa our philosophy is that proper health and performance can be attained through enabling correct bodily function with the mobility of joints and muscles. The proper balance of nutrition, exercise and care for our patients allows us to ensure improvement in their conditions. If you are facing surgery, call Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa for a consultation regarding our excellent Pre and Post Operative Conditioning and Rehabilitation. We can be reached at (862) 239-1768.