Spring Sports Activities – Are You Ready?

Spring Sports – Starting a Little Later Than We’d Like


Totowa NJ Physical TherapyWe’ve all been stuck inside for a bit longer than usual. This has been a frustrating but necessary loss of outdoor activity due to the coronavirus crisis and the need for social distancing to keep us free from infection. It has also been because of winter and weather, which always play a part in our seasonal inactivity.  With these two factors in mind, the question is – is your body ready for active outdoor sports? Let’s be optimistic and assume we will be able to make use of the parks for running and walking. Here’s hoping outdoor tennis courts will reopen, and outdoor basketball courts and ball fields will be free to play on. If the authorities say it is safe, we can all return to our favorite spring outdoor activities shortly. Re-starting an active sports regimen can often lead to damage and injury if done in too much of a hurry. Our Physical Therapists offer a way to start spring sports activities with proper preparation and conditioning.


Start Slow And Get Ready To Be Active


Stretching is a good way to get the muscles limber. A great way to get your body ready for  spring sports activities is by stretching. Brisk walking is also a good low level activity to get your muscles flexible. Being aware of your body’s posture and alignment are an important precursor to re-starting sports. Physical Therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa are ready to devise a plan for you to ease your way into the active life you have been missing.


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