Treating Ankle Sprains & Strains With Physical Therapy

Ankle Sprain Physical Therapy | Passaic County NJ Physical Therapy

Ankle Sprain Physical Therapy | Passaic County NJ Physical Therapy
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Ankle sprains and strains are a common injury caused by playing sports or simply being active. Physical therapy can be a great tool to use to promote healing and reduce the time it takes to recover. In addition, physical therapists in Passaic County can help heal chronic recurring ankle sprains while helping you guard your body against future sprains. Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa offers the ankle sprain physical therapy and sports care you need to combat sprains and strains.

Ankle sprains often feel like avoidable accidents, those that happen in a split second and cause pain for days if not weeks. Ice, heat, crutches, wraps, and more come to mind for at-home remedies you can do on your own. The question is, what is the right treatment for your sprain or strain and how do you know if you are doing the right thing?

A general rule of thumb would be to ice your ankle for the first 48 to 72 hours. It is also a good idea to couple this with a compression wrap during the same time frame. This wrap requires a fine balance between too tight and not tight enough, however. If you have any questions you should consult with your Totowa physical therapist. Of course, rest and elevation are techniques to incorporate during these first few days as well.

When your ankle has healed it is important to strengthen the ligaments and muscles surrounding your ankle joint. Ankle sprain physical therapy can help enormously here. Teaching you the tools you need to exercise, stretch, and strengthen your ankle will help guard yourself against future injury. If you get a bad sprain or strain you certainly do not want a repeat performance!


Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa NJ offers an approach based on the functional model and the dynamic use of manual medicine into physical therapy and rehabilitation. We believe that optimal health and performance can be attained through proper stability by enabling correct function via mobility of joints and corresponding muscles.