Spring Sports Around The Corner, Is Your Body Ready?

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Spring Sports Around The Corner, Is Your Body Ready?

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Spring sports are around the corner | Elite Spine & Sports Care
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Spring sports are around the corner. The question is, is your body ready? Have you been sedentary this winter or have you been active? Are your muscles ready to work? Many people retreat from strenuous activities during the winter months and then burst out of the starting gate at the first sign of warmer temperatures and greener grass. Your Passaic County physical therapists offer a great resource for starting spring sports the correct & non-damaging way. Avoid injury and prepare your body for this spring weather!

Some Tips on Getting Ready For Spring Activities

Stretching has long been thought of as an important precursor to exercise, certainly a way to get muscles limber. Often times we think of yoga as stretching. While this is true, you certainly can’t just dive into complex poses without risking injury. The same is true with spring sports. The important thing to do is to prepare the muscles needed for any given activity. Stretching before strenuous activities is a great way to get your body ready for exercise.

In the same vein as stretching is starting with a lower level of activity such as walking briskly. You may think your body is more capable than it is during this transition from sedentary to active. As a result, easing into an active lifestyle is extremely important.  Get in touch with a Totowa physical therapist to create a plan that makes sense for you and your fitness goals.

Fitness is not a zero to 80 in 5 seconds type of thing. If you have not been active all winter you should develop a plan to prepare for your seasonal sport of choice. Plan to use an athletic trainer or physical therapist to develop a plan. Working on your boy’s posture and alignment can be a helpful first step. The physical therapists at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa focus on body alignment and muscular preparation to get you operating at your peak performance level.

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The team at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa is dedicated to keeping clients conditioned. Take the time to prepare your body for spring sports and you will not be disappointed. Let our knowledge and experience guide you toward a better fitness level. Remember, spring sports are just around the corner!