Headaches and Chiropractic Care

Can A Chiropractor Help You With Headaches?

Headache Pain Chiropract Care Nj

Headaches can be unbearable for those that suffer from them. They can interrupt your day at a moments notice, make you unmotivated and even keep you from socializing after work. But headaches are not just a nucience, this pain can range from a slight annoyance to a chronic dibiliating condition. Headaches are also one of the most common health issues people face. Naturally, treatments, both proven and theoretical, are plentiful. However, one treatment that is often overlooked is Chiropractic Care.

Headaches & Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors focus on issues in the musculoskeletal and nervous system. These issues can result in symptoms like back pain, neck pain joint pain and more. Chiropractic care, by definint is the manual manipulation of the body to help relieve these painful symptoms. Musculoskeletal dysfunction of the neck is a common cause of headaches, making chriopractic care an important step to relieving these headaches.

Two proven techniques are spinal alignment and active release technique (ART).  These treatments have proven to work well with both headache pain relief and prevention. Many people struggle for years with headache pain unable to determine what triggers them. Others know exactly what triggers their headaches. While diet and stress can be contributing factors the reality is that when a headache hits it can be debilitating.

A tension headache can be soothed by the work of a NJ chiropractor. A tension headache is often caused by a slight misalignment of the vertebrae in the upper spine. A chiropractic adjustment can realign the upper back and neck and relive this pain. However, tension headaches are not the only kind of headaches. Migraine headaches can cause unbearable pain. There have been studies showing that chiropractic care can reduce the recurrence of migraine headaches. The experienced Passaic County chiropractors at Elite Spine and Sports Care utilize realignment techniques to not just relieve migraines but prevent them from reappearing.

Active Release Technique

Active release technique is another method for addressing headache pain and prevention. ART is a movement based massage technique that treats problems in the soft tissues of the body. This includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Experienced Northern NJ massage therapists implement ART as a part of massage to relax muscles and relieve pain. Couple chiropractic care and ART together to treat your headache pain.

Chiropractic Care Available At Our Two Northern NJ Physical Therapy Locations

The experienced team at Elite Spine and Sports Care can attend to a number of conditions to help athletes return to good health and condition. Headaches can do a number on a body and the realignment and soft tissue work that NJ chiropractic care and Active Release Technique can help soothe the pain. Whether you’re in the Totowa, New Jersey area or the Fort Lee, New Jersey area, Elite Spine & Sports Care can help you mitigate headache pain and get you back to your normal self in as little as one visit!

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