Totowa NJ Graston Technique Pain Relief TreatmentWhat Is the Graston Technique?

Graston Technique
is a distinctive type of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization that is offered by Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa. It is a surgery-free and medication-free form of treating pain. Graston Technique is administered by a professional licensed practitioner. With the use of special instruments and combined with Physical Therapy, this treatment form can shorten healing time and expand the range of motion that has been restricted by various conditions. Graston Technique allows therapists to address pain relief in our Totowa facility.


Conditions That Can Be Treated with Graston Technique


Graston Technique can be implemented for pain relief in Totowa patients suffering:

Neck Pain
Wrist Pain
Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow
Back Pain
Knee Pain
and more…………


See The Latest in Pain Relief Treatment


At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa we are always looking for ways to treat pain and discomfort for our patients. If you are suffering pain and limited mobility as the result of a build-up of scar tissue, we offer many pain relieving treatments for Passaic County patients. Give Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa a call at (862)239-1768 and let our staff inform you of the various treatments available to you. These would include Graston Technique, which is an innovative pain relief therapy.



Totowa NJ Pre-Op and Post-Op Physical Therapy

Post-Op Physical Therapy


For a successful recovery after having surgery, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are necessary. In order to become active after surgery, your body needs to be retrained in mobility. When you have had a repair procedure done to a specific area of your body, it needs Physical Therapy to recover fully and successfully You have a role in this rehabilitation, which can be hard work. Physical Therapy specialists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa can design a regimen of exercise to benefit your personal post-op recovery. We offer Physical Therapy treatment after surgery that will get you back to living an active, pain-free life.


Do I Have To Do Anything To Prepare For Post-Op Physical Therapy?


Participating in Pre-Op Physical Therapy will put you in good physical condition before the surgery, and benefit your recovery. At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa we offer a program of Pre-Op therapy that will lead you toward a speedier, more successful recuperation after the surgery.


What Is Expected From Post Operative Physical Therapy?


Expect hard work and don’t expect immediate results. Recovery from surgery can take time and determination on your part. Our therapists design a comprehensive program for post-op patients. Generally it would focus on the area of the surgery to promote healing, reduce swelling and relieve pain. Rehabilitation adjusts as you recuperate and it would also pinpoint joint mobility, flexibility and strength building.


Pre-Op and Post-Op Therapy Specifically For You!


When surgery is imminent, contact Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa to discuss Physical Therapy options for you. Our program of preparation before surgery and rehabilitation after is centered on recovery. Our expertise and experience will help you get back to an active, pain-free life. Call us at (862) 239-1768 for a discussion today.


Totowa NJ Acupuncture Treatment

Define Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of Eastern Medicine in practice for centuries to ease pain and other health issues. Acupuncture is considered an alternative therapy for a variety of problems. It is a type of therapy that treats pressure points on the skin by implementing precise, specially designed needles. At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa qualified acupuncturists are trained in this treatment and practice it regularly for treating pain with Acupuncture in NJ.


What Benefit Can I Derive From Acupuncture?


Natural painkillers such as endorphins and other neurotransmitters are stimulated by the use of Acupuncture. These are thought to be much stronger than drugs. Treating pain with Acupuncture is often recommended, but this form of therapy is also used for various other conditions. Allergies, headaches, anxiety, depression, back pain, sciatica, insomnia and high blood pressure are some of the other conditions that can be treated with Acupuncture.


Relieving Pain Through Acupuncture at Elite Spine


Passaic County patients with pain often seek help with Acupuncture. At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa our certified and experienced Acupuncturists treat patients regularly with this drug free technique. If you are in pain or discomfort and are ready to try Acupuncture to relieve it, give us a call at (862) 239-1768.


Define Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Totowa NJ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition where a nerve that runs from the forearm to the palm of the hand, becomes numb and tingles. Generally, this is caused by being pressed or squeezed. The carpal tunnel is a line of ligament and bones at the base of the hand in which the nerve and tendons that bend the fingers and move the hand are found. This is an area of constant use, and if that use involves the same movement in a continual way, pain ensues. This continual movement in the same way when typing or clicking on a computer or phone
can cause pain and discomfort to the hand. Tennis players are also victims of this problem from tightly holding a tennis racquet for long periods of time. This action leads to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Physical Therapists at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa are experts at relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for patients in Passaic County, NJ.


Treatment Options Are Available


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is uncomfortable and frustrating to those who suffer from it. Physical Therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa offer several different forms of treatment, and are specialists in relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Passaic County NJ patients. When you first have pain associated with the use of your hands and wrists, you should take frequent breaks. Correct stretching and posture techniques are used in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These exercises can help treat the pain in your hands and wrists and can be done as you work. If these techniques don’t relieve the pain, our therapists are experienced in the use of Active Release Technique or Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. Both of these treatment therapies have successfully relieved the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Can Be Treated


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the result of strenuous use of hands and wrists. The therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa have experience in treating this condition and will discover the technique that works best for you. If you think you may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and are experiencing pain in your hands and wrists, call us to make an appointment for treatment. We can be reached at (862) 239-1768.


Treatment For Headaches Caused By Poor Posture


Totowa NJ Poor Posture Headache TreatmentOne of the many reasons for headaches could be poor posture. Headaches resulting from neck
muscle and joint strain due to bad posture can be relieved with Physical Therapy. These
issues can be resolved through exercise and physical exertion. Professional therapists at
Elite Spine & Sports Care can design a treatment program for you which will alleviate the
pain of headaches caused by poor posture. Bad posture headache treatment is a priority for
our therapists in Totowa because many people suffer with this condition but don’t know the cause.


Relief Depends Upon Proper Skeletal Alignment


Proper skeletal alignment is stressed with our patients enduring headaches caused by poor
posture. Chiropractic treatment, manual manipulation, good stretching exercise and the
strengthening of muscles all relieve headache pain. When you come to Elite Spine & Sports
Care in Passaic County you will be taught about the things that trigger headaches and how
to work on alleviating them.

Bending over or hunching your back for long periods of time can restrict blood flow, cramp
your muscles and lead to a headache. Straighten up and take periodic breaks from the
hunched position you may be in with computer use or other pursuits that require sitting
bent over. Improper posture can cause headaches and at Elite Spine we offer relief
without drugs, but with physical therapy and exercise.

Sitting and standing with good posture, and exercising for maximum performance, can help
relieve headache pain, leading to a happier, healthier life. Call us at (862)239-1768 today
for a physical therapy evaluation.  Bad posture headache treatment in Totowa consists of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care.


What Is The Rotator Cuff?


Totowa NJ Rotator Cuff Injury


The rotator cuff consists of 4 tendons and muscles that unite around the shoulder joint.
These tendons and muscles keep the ball of your upper-arm bone in the shoulder socket
and are instrumental in the mobility of your shoulder and arm. When the rotator cuff is
injured or torn and becomes swollen, pain and lack of flexibility result. The physical
therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa can treat this type of injury and greatly
relieve your pain. Treatment is generally accomplished with the use of Deep Tissue Laser
Therapy. Our therapists can also educate you about ways to prevent future rotator cuff
injuries.  Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury in Passaic County NJ is always available at
Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa.

What Are Symptoms?

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injury may include weakness and pain in the shoulder, trouble
in lifting your arm above your head, creaking sounds when moving the shoulder. When
you experience any of these issues it is best to seek treatment quickly so the pain and
discomfort can be eased.

What Does Treatment Consist Of?

The Physical Therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa generally focus on Deep
Tissue Laser Therapy for treating Rotator Cuff injuries. Treatment strengthens the
scapular and arm muscles that surround the Rotator Cuff and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
speeds up the recovery process by getting blood flowing. Our therapists also promote
exercises that prevent future Rotator Cuff injuries. Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury
in Passaic County NJ is a specialty of ours, as this type of injury is common, especially
among physically active people.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy For Rotator Cuff Injury Is Available in Passaic County

If you live in the Totowa area or anywhere in Passaic County NJ and have suffered an
injury to your Rotator Cuff, call Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa at (862) 239-1768.
We will analyze the injury and steer you toward the best treatment. Our Physical Therapy
and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy treatment services are available to relieve pain. We are
also available to teach you how to exercise for healing and to prevent future Rotator
Cuff injuries. Staying active is always essential for a healthy life.


Why Do You Need A Chiropractor?


Totowa NJ Chiropractic Care Services

Usually you go to see a Chiropractor if you are suffering with back, neck.
or joint pain. Therapeutic procedures performed by Chiropactors are commonly
known as “spinal manipulation” or “chiropractic adjustment”. The purpose
of these procedures is to help you regain mobility of joints that have
become restricted as the result of a tissue injury or repetitive stress
to the affected area. At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa our very
experienced Chiropractic staff practice a hands-on approach to your health
care. This includes examination, diagnosis and treatment. This excellent
Chiropractic care is offered by trained professionals who are able to
recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, along with lifestyle

What Causes Tissue Injury?

Tissue injury can be caused by heavy lifting or repeated stress to an area
of your body. These injured tissues result in physical and chemical
changes that cause inflammation and pain. The work of a Chiropractor by
manipulation or adjustment is meant to restore mobility and relieve pain.
This allows tissues to heal.

What Should the Results of Chiropractic Care Be?

When undergoing Chiropractic care your goals should include:

  • Reduction of joint restriction
  • Restoration of range of motion
  • improvement in postural awareness
  • Improvement in muscle and joint flexibility
  • Restoration of spinal alignment

Help Is Here For Back, Neck Or Joint Pain

As we age, get injured or engage in activities that put a lot of stress on
our bodies, we may need the help of a Chiropractor. Elite Spine & Sports
Care of Totowa provides an excellent and experienced Chiropractic sfaff
that is trained in treating neuromusculoskeletal problems. Dr. Gabriel
Hannawi, DC is a Chiropractic Physician and heads the team. If you are
enduring pain in your back, neck or the joints of your arms or legs, or
headaches, give us a call for an appointment with our Passaic County
Chiropractic sfaff. Our focus is on relieving your discomfort and allowing
you to get back to the enjoyment of a pain free life. Elite Spine & Sports
Care of Totowa can be reached at (862) 239-1768.


Yard Work Can Cause Pain In The Back and Knees


occupational therapy passaic county njSpring very often means yard work. This is when you prepare your garden for the growing
season. Hours of bending and kneeling involve using muscles that have been inactive for
quite a while. Avoiding the back and knee pain brought on by doing yard work takes effort
and willpower. You want to get a task finished and work past the pain. When you overdo
it, the Physical Therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa are here to help. We
can design an exercise regimen to prepare your body before starting yard work, and for
easing the pain suffered as a result of strenuous garden maintenance. We are experienced
at relieving back & knee pain caused by yard work.


Yard Work Can Be Hard On The Body


Gardening brings great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. It can also bring severe
discomfort to your back and knees. Straining muscles and joints by repetitive movement or by
by staying in one position for a long period can be painful. Why not prepare your body
for yard work just as you would for sports? It is a form of exercise and works your
joints and muscles just like participating in sports. Elite Spine therapists can show you
how to get ready for the job at hand.

If you should over work your body doing gardening tasks we can help to relieve any
resulting aches and pains with a program of physical therapy as well.


Try To Avoid Pain While Working In The Garden


A few ways to prevent back and knee pain during yard work can be:

  • Stretching before, during and after a big job will help to keep your muscles limber. You
    would do this in preparation for sports.
  • Don’t stay in the same position for long periods of time. Frequent breaks or changes in
    activity can help.
  • Remember your posture. Hunching over a task may seem like the natural way to complete
    a job, but you will feel it later.
  • Using knee pads helps provide relief to your knees and keeps them clean at the same time.


Physical Therapy Is Offered By Our Staff


At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa our experienced Physical Therapy staff are adept
in preparing you for strenuous yard work and in relieving the pain you may suffer
afterwards. We want to relieve discomfort and allow you to return to a pain free life.
For expert assistance in preparation for, and relief from pain after yard work, give us a
call at (862) 239-1768 for an appointment.

Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa also offers other services to NJ residents. We have excellent Occupational TherapyChiropractic CareAcupuncture TreatmentPre and Post Operative Rehabilitation, and Massage Therapy.


What Is Occupational Therapy?


occupational therapy passaic county njElite Spine & Sports Care has added Occupational Therapy to its comprehensive list of rehabilitation options. Occupational Therapy is a type of rehabilitation that aims to increase your ability to engage in your daily life. This is achieved by providing both hands-on and educational methods to improve posture, strength, range of motion, and lots more. Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa offers Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation with our team of highly experienced professionals & therapists.


Occupational Therapy Treatment


Our occupational therapists take the time to evaluate your ability to do the things that are necessary to independently function at home, work, school, and socially. Then they will prescribe a program of education and physical activity that will enable you to perform daily tasks easily and effectively.


Hand Therapy


massage therapy totowa njHand Therapy is a common area of treatment included in Occupational Therapy. Hand Therapy helps treat conditions that impact the upper extremities such as shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, and hands. This treatment includes surgery-free interventions and post-surgery rehabilitation. Various techniques are employed in this treatment. Some of these may be exercise programs, pain and swelling management, wound and scar care.



Occupational and Physical Therapy Offered


Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa provides therapists who are experienced in both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. We also offer other services to NJ residents, including experienced Chiropractic CareAcupuncture TreatmentPre and Post Operative Rehabilitation, and Massage Therapy. These services often are used to treat similar conditions. We focus on working to rehabilitate your physical and emotional ability to function independently in your daily life. If you have chronic pain or a condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or have suffered a tendon or nerve injury, have had a stroke or sustained a fracture or burns – give Elite Spine a call and speak to one of our professional therapists about treatment and rehabilitation services. We can be reached at (862) 239-1768.


Pre and Post Natal Care


prenatal care totowa njTaking care of yourself before having a baby and after helps make everything run smoothly. Physical Therapy and functional exercises make pregnancy more comfortable and recovery easier. Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa offers Pre and Post Natal Physical Therapy Care that is meant to decrease pain, improve balance and strngthen core muscles. Posture and body awareness monitoring are an important part of the process of giving birth. Our therapists are experienced at pre and post natal physical care, offering exercises that help your body stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy. A pre and post natal program of exercise is based on improving posture, breathing patterns and functional movement while pregnant and after giving birth.  Physical Therapy before and after giving birth can help keep you strong and healthy for the changes coming in your life.


Exercise Program Designed Just For You!


As everyone is unique, you will be assessed by examining posture and breathing at rest, and also movement patterns that include squat, lunges, twist, bend, push and pull. This allows our physical therapists to design a program that is right for you.

Pregnant Passaic County women who participate in Physical Therapy Care at Elite Spine can focus on the health of themselves as well as their baby. We strive to teach pregnant women that an exercise program can be safe and beneficial. These exercises also help with mood, weight, and the normal aches and pains that come with being pregnant.


Take Care Of Yourself During Pregnancy


Pregnancy affects every woman differently. If you are pregnant and would like to participate in an exercise program that is designed to keep you agile and healthy throughout and after, give us a call and talk to one of our professional Physical Therapists. We can be reached at (862) 239-1768.

Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa also offers other services to NJ residents. We have excellent Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture Treatment, Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation, and Massage Therapy.