How Can Seeing A Chiropractor Benefit Me?


chiropractor totowa njStudies indicate that Chiropractic Care benefits older people as well as athletes and active people of all ages. The care of a Chiropractor is beneficial in enabling you to have a healthy and pain free existence without drugs or surgery. Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa offers our patients the many benefits of the care of a skilled professional Chiropractor.


When Do I Need The Care Of A Chiropractor?


A Chiropractor is usually called upon to treat neuromusculoskeletal pain. This may include back pain, neck pain, joint pain and also headaches. Our Totowa NJ Chiropractor practices a hands-on approach that includes examination, diagnosis and treatment. Chiropractic treatment is generally manually applied. A Chiropractor has the skill to diagnose a problem and is trained to recommend therapeutic exercise. Lifestyle modification may also be recommended. If you are experiencing chronic back, neck, joint pain or headaches you may experience benefits from the care of a Chiropractor.


What Does A Chiropractor Do?


Generally a Chiropractor may perform “spinal manipulation”, also known as “chiropractic adjustment”. If your joints have become restricted due to an injury, this type of treatment is used to restore mobility by applying a controlled force. A tissue injury may be caused by a single traumatic event, or by repetitive stress. This could be the result of lifting a heavy object or by sitting or reclining in an awkward position for a long time. Your pain could also be the result of a sports related injury. In any case injured tissues can become inflamed and painful, thus resulting in lowered ability to function. Manipulation or adjustment of the affected area restores movement, alleviates pain and allows healing to take place. Manual medicine is used to treat pain, rather than drugs or surgery. Therapeutic exercise may also be recommended.


A Chiropractor Is A Pain Reliever


Chiropractic Care at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa is focused on a patient’s individual needs. This is achieved through patient examination, diagnosing a specific problem, and treating the area of discomfort. If you suffer from chronic neck, back or joint pain, give us a call. We can be reached at (862) 239-1768.


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