Treating Hip Sprains & Strains With Physical Therapy

Hip Sprain Physical Therapy | Passaic County NJ Physical Therapy

Hip Sprain Physical Therapy | Passaic County NJ Physical Therapy
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Hip sprain or strain injuries can be excruciating, affecting far more than just the affected region.  A severe hip strain makes walking hard and standing up painful.  Pinpointing the area of the injury and focusing on healing is essential to getting back on track.  In addition, it can be invaluable to work with a Passaic County physical therapist to strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding the hip through hip sprain physical therapy.

The leg is very much in tune with the hip joint and paying attention to both the strength and flexibility of the ligaments and muscles in the upper thigh, including the hip flexors, quads, hamstring muscles and glutes is essential.  Keeping your hip flexible and your glutes strong can help you protect your labrum and avoid sprains and strains that can sideline you from your favorite sport or activity. This can all be stretched and strengthened with hip sprain physical therapy.

The labrum is the soft flexible tissue ring that surrounds your hip joint, the socket cradling the ball at the top of your femur, keeping it in place. This invaluable joint is vulnerable to injuries caused by direct impact or repetitive movements like yoga, ballet, or other activity.  Understanding your body’s physical limitations is an important part of keeping your labrum safe and this joint free from pain.  Passaic County physical therapy can help a body heal and prepare to avoid future injuries.

The physical therapists at Elite Spine and Sports Care will ensure that each individual is aware of his limitations when it comes to the mobility of his hip joints and hip sprain physical therapy.  In addition our exercises will offer work on proper alignment, stretching, and strengthening.  These exercises will be implemented to get your body back on track after a hip sprain or strain as well as to help you understand how to avoid future injuries.

Contact Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa NJ offers an approach based on the functional model and the dynamic use of manual medicine into physical therapy and rehabilitation. We believe that optimal health and performance can be attained through proper stability by enabling correct function via mobility of joints and corresponding muscles.