IASTM – Graston Technique

Totowa NJ Graston Technique Pain Relief Treatment


Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa offers various types of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. Graston Technique is one of the methods of relieving pain with instrument assistance. This is a surgery-free and medication-free way of treating pain. Using special instruments, combined with Physical Therapy, Graston Technique shortens healing time and opens the range of motion that has become restricted. The Physical Therapists at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa are trained in the Graston Technique form of IASTM and focus on pain relief for patients in Passaic County NJ, and nearby surrounding areas.

Education and Certification in the implementation of the Graston Technique is achieved in various ways, one of which is through the support of grastontechnique.com. This training program provides essential training and advanced training, leading toward GTS (Graston Technique Specialist) certification.


What Conditions Can Be Treated With Graston Technique?


Graston Technique can be used to relieve pain for patients suffering from Neck Pain, Wrist Pain, Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow, Back Pain, Knee Pain, and more.  Totowa NJ Patients with discomfort in any of these areas can seek treatment with the IASTM-Graston Technique for pain relief.


Innovative Pain Relief


At Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa our therapists continually seek ways to treat pain. If you have pain as the result of a build-up of scar tissue, or pain in any of your joints, give us a call and allow our staff to outline the various forms of pain relief available to you. Graston Technique is an innovative form of treatment and would certainly be included. We can be reached at (862) 239-1768.