Physical Therapy for Headaches Caused by Poor Posture

Physical Therapy | Headaches | Poor Posture


Chiropractic care for BPPV

Did you know that Physical Therapy is suggested for patients troubled with headaches caused by poor posture? A headache caused by strain in the neck muscles and joints from incorrect posture can be treated. Bad breathing habits, muscle and soft tissue strains can be resolved. Through exercise and physical therapy the pain of headaches can be alleviated. The therapists at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa will design a treatment program for your individual needs and help you get rid of those headaches.  Physical Therapy | Headaches | Poor Posture – addressing these three is the focus of consultation with Elite Spine.




Headaches from Poor Posture Relieved


Elite Spine offers physical therapy to our Passaic County patients by stressing the importance of proper skeletal alignment. Chiropractic care, manual manipulation, proper stretching exercises and strengthening certain muscles are paths to headache relief. You do not have to suffer from headaches. A visit to our clinic in Totowa can lead to knowing the things that trigger your headaches and working to relieve the symptoms.

Headaches are caused by so many things – physical strain, poor posture, hormones, stress, sleep patterns. Where posture is concerned you need to be aware of your body. Bending or hunching over for long periods of time can interfere with blood flow, cramping muscles and leading to headaches. At Elite Spine we offer solutions to headaches without drugs – but with physical therapy.


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Our Passaic County physical therapists can offer relief from pain by teaching you proper body mechanics and good posture. When you are in pain it is difficult to maintain an active routine. The experienced staff at Elite Spine show you how to sit and stand with correct posture, how to exercise for maximum performance and lead a happy, healthy life without headache pain. If you suffer from unexplained headaches, call us today at (862) 239-1768 or come in for a consultation at 349-351 Union Boulevard, Totowa, NJ.