Hip Sprains and Strains



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Injuring the hip by spraining or straining it can be very painful. It will affect much more than just the hip. A severe hip sprain makes getting up and walking difficult and uncomfortable. Locating the area of injury and focusing on healing is important for returning to full use of the leg and hip. Working with a Passaic County physical therapist will help strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding the hip. The muscles in the upper thigh, including the hip flexors, quads, hamstring muscles and glutes need to be strong and flexible. This protects the labrum, which is the circle of cartilage that surrounds the hip joint socket. Injury can cause this to tear and result in movement limitation and pain.  Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa recommends physical therapy for hip sprains & strains.



What Causes Hip Sprain?



The labrum, which cradles the ball at the top of your femur, keeping it in place, is vulnerable to injury. Injuries can be caused by repetitive movement from practicing yoga, ballet dancing, playing soccer, basketball or football. Injury to this area can also be caused by a hard fall. Some people have structural abnormalities in the hip which can lead to a hip labral tear.



Conditioning and Strengthening Muscles and Ligaments



Being aware of your body’s limitations is important for preventing injuries. When the mobility of hip joints is limited and causing pain, physical therapy may be needed. Our Physical Therapy team at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa can formulate a plan of exercise that offers proper alignment, stretching and strengthening the hips. With these conditioning exercises you will be able to get back to full performance. We will also teach you how to avoid future injuries in the hip area.



Hip Sprains and Strains Can Be Treated with Physical Therapy



The professional expertise offered by our Physical Therapy team at Elite Spine can be invaluable in alleviating pain. If you have injured your hip by spraining or straining it, or by the impact of a fall, you need pain relief. We can devise a plan of stretching and strengthening the hip area, and getting you returned to the activities you enjoy. If you are experiencing pain in your hip, please call us at (862) 239-1768 for a full evaluation.