Computer Use Can Cause Neck Pain


chiropractor totowa njIf you sit at your computer for hours at a time every day, you can end up with acute neck pain. Although our bodies are very adaptable, sitting in the same position for long periods of time causes pain and possibly lasting damage. The staff at Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa use Physical Therapy to help you heal and prevent neck pain, now and in the future. Poor habits and bad posture can create issues that cause pain and discomfort. We provide Physical Therapy to treat computer-use neck pain.


An Elite Spine Physical Therapist can see where your damage lies and offer corrective exercises and stretches during Computer-Use Neck Pain Physical Therapy. We can also determine whether you require Chiropractic Care. The Physical Therapists at Elite Spine offer treatment exercises that will alleviate your pain now and help you avoid pain in the future.


A Few Exercises To Alleviate Neck Pain


These are a few simple exercises that can help lessen the pain you suffer from computer use:

1. Scapular Rolls

Roll your shoulders up and hold for 5 seconds

Roll your shoulders back and hold for 5 seconds

Roll your shoulders down and hold for 5 seconds

2. Scapular Squeeze

Squeeze your shoulder blades together while sitting up straight. Hold this position for 5 seconds and release. Repeat 10 times.


Posture Plays A Part In Causing Neck Pain


The above exercises can help relieve pain from sitting in front of a computer but you should also be aware of your posture. Good posture can serve as treatment and prevention of unnecessary aches and pains.

Physical Therapists treating you for computer-use neck pain can assess your posture, and determine which muscle groups need to be strengthened and stretched while offering tips to improve your posture. Neck pain can be caused by other issues besides computer use, and we can help alleviate the discomfort no matter the cause.  Our Passaic County facility offers expert Physical Therapy to treat Computer-Use neck pain.


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