What Is Achilles Tendinitis?


Totowa NJ Achilles Tendinitis Treatment Achilles Tendinitis is a painful foot ailment. It is an inflammation of the Achilles Tendon, which is a band of tissues connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone. Typically this condition is brought on by running or jogging. The pounding stress put on your feet from running causes this inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Achilles Tendinitis can often lead to Plantar Fasciitis, which is the inflammation of a band of tissues that connects the heel to the toes. Together these two conditions can be very painful and debilitating. Our method of treating Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis is achieved without drugs or surgery.


How Is Achilles Tendinitis Treated?


At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa our therapists treat Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Totowa NJ Light Force Laser Treatment Fasciitis with Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. This is a relatively new technology that decreases the pain of these two ailments. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy stimulates cellular activity within your body, thereby creating healing. This treatment is administered using a LightForce Laser


Relief From Foot Pain Is Found At Elite Spine


At Elite Spine & Sports Care of Totowa we have therapists that are specialists in treating the pain of Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis. We use a drug free and surgery free form of treatment. Our focus is to have our Passaic County patients regain the use of their feet without pain and get back to the physical activities they enjoy. If you are suffering from the pain caused by Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar Fasciitis call us today at (862) 239-1768 for an appointment.