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Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation near Little Falls in passaic county nj

Little Falls, New Jersey is located in Passaic County, NJ about 15 miles from New York City. The population was just over 14,400 after the last census completed in 2010 and the township offers easy access to the city yet a quieter life for those who want to be near, but not in it.  The community is an active one whether walking is a part of a daily commute or playing competitive tennis is the way you unwind at the end of the day. Elite Spine and Sports Care offers the residents of Little Falls an opportunity to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, focusing on good posture and proper body mechanics through Little Falls New Jersey Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

The township of Little Falls received its name from the Passaic River waterfall. Water was an integral part of commerce in the area, with the old Morris Canal serving as an avenue of trade and transportation between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers. The waterway and the buildings along it serve as a reminder of the rich history of the area. At one time brownstone was quarried here and the stones can be seen in buildings throughout town. Little Falls has been able to maintain its small town feel, offering a community where people are proud to call home.

A testament to the township’s homage to sports and health is the fact that Little Falls is home to the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center.  While serving as a great spot to learn more about the history of baseball the learning center is dedicated to enriching the minds and bodies of our youth. This unique facility is a treasure for the community.

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Athletes in Little Falls who find themselves benched by injuries and ailments can get help from nearby Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa, your source for physical therapy in Passaic County. In addition, our staff are trained to evaluate posture and balance to determine how bodies can be more prepared for individualized activities. Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, a soccer player, or a tennis player we can help you achieve optimal health and performance by helping you develop proper stability through mobilizing your joints and corresponding muscles with our Passaic County New Jersey Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy near Little Falls in passaic county nj

The Little Falls community can maintain healthy bodies with the help of great chiropractic care, massage therapy, therapeutic taping, pre-operative conditioning, and pre and post natal corrective exercises through Elite Spine and Sports Care. It is our goal to help residents in Passaic County achieve their goals of living a healthy and active lifestyle, focusing not just on healing but on prevention as well.

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