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Totowa is a borough located in the northeastern part of NJ. Totowa means sinking or falling water in Native American language, clearly derived from the natural Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Chiropractor Totowa NJlandmark Passaic Falls. Settled around 1750 and incorporated in 1898 the NJ borough of Totowa currently has a population of roughly 10,900 spread out over roughly 4 square miles. Totowa offers a small town feel & a convenient location where Elite Spine and Sports Care can support optimal health and performance via the correct mobility of joints and corresponding muscles as a part of our Totowa New Jersey Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation services and Totowa NJ Chiropractor services.

A few fun facts include that Totowa has a purely volunteer fire department for over one hundred years and has the lowest tax rate in Passaic County. Much of the green space in the borough is made up of cemeteries, of which there are four in our town. As such, rumor has it that there are more dead citizens than alive. In addition, there is still milk delivery in Totowa for those that subscribe. Totowa NJ is also home to the legendary Annie’s Road which is visited by thrill seekers and paranormal activity enthusiasts after year as the legend grows more popular.

And for those local to Totowa, it borders the Passaic County communities of Haledon, Little Falls, Paterson, Wayne and Woodland Park.


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Experienced Passaic County NJ Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa serves the residents of Passaic County by offering Totowa New Jersey Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services and Totowa NJ Chiropractor services that include physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, active release technique, therapeutic taping, pre-operative conditioning, pre and post natal corrective exercise, and deep tissue laser therapy. We are dedicated to our clients and our focus is not just on healing, but also on prevention.

Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa’s experienced and knowledgeable staff spend the time to help treat post-operative procedures, sports injuries, orthopedic and neurologic disorders and general pain. We believe that optimal health and and performance can be attained through proper stability by enabling correct function via mobility of joints and corresponding muscles. Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa will improve patients conditions through the proper balance of exercise, nutrition, and care of the body’s framework with our Totowa New Jersey Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation services.

Give us a call today, we’d love to support your health & performance today!

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