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Passaic NJ is the fastest growing city in New Jersey, located in the southeastern corner of Passaic County.  The city is located on the Passaic River, just north of Newark, and has a strong vision toward future generations and a healthy lifestyle for all.  Passaic NJ maintains a focus on recreation and activities for all of its residents with an eye on making sure children in the community have access to art, sports, and community involvement.  Passaic is home to the first indoor recreation facility built in the county, demonstrating this commitment to year round activity.  The active Passaic community is able to pursue a healthy lifestyle with the assistance of nearby Elite Sports and Spine of Totowa, happily providing Passaic New Jersey Physical Therapy to residents.

Passaic was originally settled by the Dutch and its history is rich with roots in industry.  The city was known as a hub for both textiles and metal working in the 19th century.  One interesting claim to fame is the fact that Passaic is known as the “birthplace of television,” home to the first television station that brought TV into the home and the first station to bring a movie to the TV screen.  Electrical cable was produced in the city starting in the late 1800s.  These roots in industry continue today and Passaic is home to a number of business districts.

Despite the active industry and the historical TV connection the community of Passaic is an active one.  Third Ward Park is a 50 acre park that is home to tennis courts, walking paths, water features, and playing fields.  This cornerstone of the community enables a great deal of activities, classes, and sports for Passaic residents.  Athletes here benefit greatly from Passaic County physical therapy at Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa, where those pursuing sports or a more active lifestyle can get treatment as well as help with proper body alignment and preventative exercises.

The indoor recreational facility at Christopher Columbus Park is home to an artificial turf that allows soccer to be played year round, along with other sports and activities.  This facility was completed in 2014 and has quickly become a coveted amenity for athletics as well as entertainment opportunities like movies and live music.  The indoor recreational facility is a great opportunity for sports teams to focus on skills.  These athletes benefit from proper body alignment and muscle development provided by physical therapists in Passaic County through Elite Spine and Sports Care.

The active community of Passaic NJ has a great advantage by having access to the services available from nearby Elite Spine and Sports Care of Totowa.  The chiropractic care, massage therapy, therapeutic taping, pre-operative conditioning, and pre and post natal corrective exercises offered by Elite Spine and Sports Care makes it possible to address issues while at the same time learn how to avoid future stress and injuries. It is our goal to help residents from Passaic County achieve their goals of living a healthy and active lifestyle.

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